Aditum Is A Premium Infrastructure Project Developer, With It’s Main Focus On The Development Of The African Continent.

Making This Millenium
The African Century

Our vision is to connect and integrate premium global financial, technological and governmental resources to assist in the construction of African industrial infrastructure which in turn propels economic development in the next century. Aditum has brought together a team of reputable global leaders who advise governments around the globe and are influencers of governmental decisions. Aditum has an extensive global network in every continent on earth with the ability of immediate reaching of variety of talents, movers and shakers in areas such as engineering, science, technology, industrial integration, medicine, law, media, finance, banking, governmental affairs and etc.

Large-scale Ground-Mounted Power Plant

Ground-mount systems are the literal foundation of solar projects, so choosing not just the right product, but the best manufacturer for each site or portfolio is crucial. In our Ground-Mount Buyer’s Guide this year from Aditum Energy.

Commercial & Industrial Rooftop System

Solar rooftop potential for the African Century is the number of rooftops that would be suitable for solar power, depending on size, shading, direction, and location. Rooftop potential is not equivalent to the economic …

Residential Rooftop PV System

Photovoltaic roofs have become the most practical and beneficial means of naturally sourced energy instead of fossil fuels like coal and oil. A PV roof installation boosts environmental efforts and looks modern and attractive.

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